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MANAWYDAN, The Newest Action Adventure Novel

LaErtes is a gifted storyteller whose minimalistic style, characterized by non-redundant and descriptive-free writing, takes readers on a direct and entertaining journey. His personal experiences, from being forced to participate in funeral home embalmings to engineering sound for sellout crowds, fuel his twisted imagination in the Horra/Thrilla genre. His latest literary work is MANAWYDAN, an Action-Adventure Novel that takes readers on a thrilling journey across countries and continents.

The best horror stories keep readers guessing until the end, leaving them with a lingering sense of unease even after the final page is turned. Through MANAWYDAN, Lā Ertes Muldrow keeps readers on the edge of their seats, constantly eager to turn the next page.

An ancient prophecy connects Oba and Iloree from different African tribes, but their sacred joining is disrupted by an unholy event, leading to vengeful curses on all involved. Meanwhile, Joshua Lobett's grief over his mother's death leads him to create a hideous, inhuman life form during his medical studies. The clipper ship MANAWYDAN was designed for transporting Black Gold across the Middle Passage. Still, its maiden voyage is marked by mutiny, revolt, and a supernatural storm, leading to its disappearance in the Devil's Triangle. However, it resurfaces as a tourist attraction in the 21st century with a demonic agenda, waiting to ensnare unsuspecting partiers aboard in San Francisco on Halloween night during the Queen's Ball.

LaErtes purposely allows space for his readers' imagination and creativity to blend with his own, culminating in an enjoyable cinematic experience that brings him immense satisfaction. A hallmark of this great horror thriller author is their ability to surprise readers with unexpected plot twists and turns. He can tap into our deepest fears and anxieties and weave them into a terrifying and compelling story. A master of his craft, LaErtes can use words to create a world of horror that haunts readers long after they have finished reading.

LaErtes deeply understands the human psyche and emotions, particularly fear. Thus, he can explore the darkest aspects of the human mind and create characters that are flawed and relatable yet still able to evoke empathy and sympathy from readers. In addition, his memorable and terrifying villains in horror often have a tragic backstory or a twisted motivation that readers can understand and even sympathize with.

His earlier work was "Evolve: An Anthology of Horra/Thrilla Novellas"; like that, MANAWYDAN is equally captivating. It is available on the Amazon online store and is up for grabs!

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