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Donovan Mocion, the 2020 Olympic athlete known as the fastest man on the planet, is the sole survivor of a horrific plane crash that takes the lives of his Nobel Prize-winning parents. Left a paraplegic, Donovan begins his slow recovery with the help of a remarkable physical therapist. But Donovan has no idea that the unexpected deaths of his scientist parents have left an important project incomplete. Francine Bovier, the ruthless CEO of Global Pharmaceuticals, is desperate to complete the Mocions' project and pressures two replacement scientists into action with disastrous results. Meanwhile, after Donovan attends his parents' funeral, he discovers their house and home laboratory have been ransacked. Someone is searching for something important, and only Donovan knows where it is. In a secret location in the house, Donovan recovers computer drives and artificial intelligence crystals that hold the answers to solving a laboratory experiment gone terribly wrong. In this futuristic fantasy mystery, Donovan unknowingly launches an unstoppable life force ready to launch a massive attack against humankind. Now he must do everything in his power to stop it-before it is too late.

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