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LāErtes is a San Francisco Bay Area producer, though he was born in Hope, Arkansas. LāErtes, whose name means, father-son-brother-king, is a fresh new author whose creativity, down to earth street smarts, frankness, humor, history, and unique approach to the fiction genre are interestingly evident throughout the genre he calls "Horra/Thrilla." For a person of color in those days it was better known as “Hope To Get The Hell Out Of Arkansas.” My mother relocated us to Chicago, Ill. For a taste of Black Freedom and to meet my Father. Both adjustments were wanting, so we moved on to San Francisco, CA., where life became better for both of us. I was an only child. All the father figures associated with my mother were alcoholics. They taught me well. Music entered my life in elementary school throughout high school. In high school I threw myself into writing. I became the Editor, Music Reporter, and Current Events Journalist, for the first Afro-American high school newspaper in California. My life changed when I joined the Military. In the Army, I became a Strategic Communications Command Soldier. My Military Disabilities caught up with me, and I began undergoing corrective surgeries, suffered while in the Army. I have one daughter. Many conflicts occurred between her mother, that side of her family, and me. Developing into a major riff, between my daughter and I. While recovering from a couple of major foot surgeries I decided to write my daughter a letter bringing her up to date about me.


A single letter turned into three-volumes of novels, yet published, too, AISHA!

Awakening a gift which laid dormant inside me for many years… I Am Awake!

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